Neot Sade Raanana

Neot Sade Raanana

A new residential complex is being built in Raanana! Special prices for a limited time and a limited number of apartments, TRIPLE Raanana - a trio of luxury buildings with a family-friendly environment.

TRIPLE project, Raanana. A unique complex of three luxury buildings. The project combines community life in a quality neighborhood, an ideal location in Neot Hasade, Raanana, and a high construction standard. The apartments in TRIPLE project were carefully planned and are designed for family life. Enjoy living in a quiet and elegant urban environment, immersed in gardens, with easy access to entertainment and leisure areas, a country club, leading educational institutions, and bustling high-tech centers. As part of the project, a green lung will be built for the convenience of the tenants as well as a parking space for the benefit of their guests. TRIPLE project has three luxury buildings of 7 floors each, with a total of 46 residential units. TRIPLE project offers a diverse array of apartment types: 3,4 and 5 rooms apartments, garden apartments, mini penthouses and penthouses, prestigious planning and design from the street level to the small details in each apartment and rich specifications, luxurious main entrance lobby and floor lobby, spacious and modern elevators, underground parking for each apartment and environmental development that includes a designed big garden.
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