Vision and Strategy

Nefussy Group

Professional dependability and personal attention are our top assets

Nefussy Group’s guiding principle is customized service. As our client, your needs are our top priority.

Nefussy Group’s approach sees the professional team characterizing and analyzing your specific needs. This lets us customize our service, oversight and goals to your preferences.

Nefussy clients dictate the framework, set the budget, and define the type of transaction. The professional team then provides a range of choices to optimize the requested outcome.

Nefussy works with you on an ongoing basis, providing consultancy and orientation on all areas related to the Israeli real estate market. We provide full oversight for as long as the transaction takes to complete, up to the point of handover. High level transparency and availability are key to developing our relationship with you.

Nefussy Group markets dozens of projects in high demand areas and maintains ongoing contact with local entrepreneurs and clients

The professional team is integrated into local processes, constantly learning new trends and applying latest market research

Nefussy’s ongoing activities ensure it is on the ball as far as identifying the top current and future market opportunities

Each project is managed by an organic professional team member, integrating the assistance of external consultants who have partnered with us for many years

Taken together, these approaches have established Nefussy Group’s renown as a centrally positioned organization in the Israeli real estate market and the avenue for executing premium deals for our clients